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go site Why not use websites that everyone else is using currently with their chiropractic office?

source site Why Use The Unique And Attention Getting Landing Pages from Practice Wealth Instead?

Dear Doctor,

Great question and I’ll answer that very shortly.

I’ve always told my coaching clients, the best three things you can work on in your practice, to help you grow are… Work Less Hours, Make More Money, & Attract More People.

Well that’s great to say, but if you’re not doing the persuasive type landing pages that we have developed over the last few years for Chiropractic – as well as some other highly targeted niches that make those doctors lots of money, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table, each and every month.

I don’t know about you Doc, but if you’re not using a lot of different avenues to connect with people, and that includes the right kind of landing pages, you’re dropping the ball.

Here are three things you definitely have to do if you want to grow your practice through the use of landing pages.

  • рецепт насвая Get Them Interested Immediately, As Soon As They Open Your Website, So They Want To Call Your Office As Soon As They Read your Free Report.
  • see Increase Your Bottomline Profits By Getting MORE New Patients To Call And Schedule An Appointment… On a Daily Basis.

http://videoavariya.ru/good/mescaline.html Landing Pages That Elicit Action And Make You Money, Lots Of It

The bottomline as far as websites and landing pages is one very simple concept.

Your landing pages and the FREE Report that comes with it… has to have a desired call to action and a definitive purpose.

Whether your objective is to create a desire for more information, so that they want to contact you, or they respond immediately and call for an appointment, the success of your landing page depends on the response it gives out and elicits to the prospects mind.

If your landing page is really good, It’s different than any website you have ever seen, it’s an actual direct response at that captures their attention, and is set up to gather the prospects email so you can drip on them over the next couple months if they don’t call right away from the landing page the FREE REPORT that gives them the solution to their problem.

http://maas.agency/pab/skolko-vremeni-v-krovi-derzhitsya-kanabinol.html “I am using your Weight loss landing page, I get 5-6 new patients every day, just collected over $100,000 in the last 3 weeks, Your landing page works like gangbuster.”  Dr. Charles

click “Your Landing pages feed all my different niches with new patients, they work, thanks.”  Dr. Gunney

http://71visions.ch/pab/katadolon-peredozirovka.html Sales Letter or Landing Page –
What’s the Difference?

A lot of doctors really don’t know the difference, but I’ll share the simple definition with you right now so we’re on the same page.

view-demo-fibroA landing page is a page which has a single goal.

Not two or three goals, just one.

Here’s that goal.

That goal as far as your landing pages is might be:

  • enter simply to capture your visitor’s e-mail by getting them to sign up for some benefit, not feature (which is one of the best uses of a landing page – since email addresses make it easy for you to follow up with lots and lots of fun, easy to read emails) source site
  • follow it could be to get them to contact you for more information that day, or  

In any case, a good landing page should be specifically designed to accomplish one single purpose, and it should also deliberately avoid any distractions that might prevent the prospect from following through. The problems with most all websites is that they are too confusing and don’t make the prospect take any action.

Long or short landing pages; simple or complex; video or text;
… landing pages are written to engage attention and compel action.

If your current website doesn’t grab someone’s attention or get them to pick up the phone and call for an appointment right away, that website is NOT working in my opinion.

Yes, you might have a website that you think is making you a lot of money, but that’s like saying you have a CAR to enter in the Indy 500.

Thing is your CAR only has 150 horsepower, whereas all the OTHER CARS that are running against you are 800 plus horsepower CARS and weigh a lot less than your CAR weighs.

So here’s my point.

A CAR is just a CAR – if it’s doing what the best and fastest CARS on the road are capable of doing.

But… like I said, if that CAR you’re racing with is heavy, doesn’t drive well, and under horsepowered, it doesn’t stand a chance of winning.

The same holds true with your landing page.

Now an online Sales Letter is just a more complex version of a Landing Page.

It is part of the landing page.

An online sales ad (landing page) leads the prospect through specific copy to opt in to read your FREE Report which automatically puts them in an e-mail sequence over the next couple months that makes them call your office for an appointment.

Now the FREE Report that prospects opt in for is a 6-12 page sales letter carefully written to increase its effect and persuade them how important it is to call immediately for best and faster results.

What Does The Perfect Sales Letter/Landing Page… Look Like?

The short answer: – it depends!

But if you’re asking me that right now, I’d have to tell you that if you order a landing page today, you’re going to see more phone calls generated per month than you have seen in a long, long time.

The perfect landing page looks different than everyone elses… depending on who, and what you’re selling.

That’s why we have done a lot of specific research about the kind of services you can have landing pages for, and what your target audience will want to see once they land on your landing page.

Writing to the Prospect, not the Educated Consumer Who Doesn’t Care About
Your Services and Products

You know your own niche chiropractic but there are other ones, condition specific ones that increase the response rate since you are talking about their specific problem. With that said, if you’re leaving your landing pages to someone to do, and someone that is not a chiropractor, you will most likely leave prospects questions unanswered.

The perfect sales letter/landing page will tell your prospect everything he or she needs to know so that they are ready to pick up the phone and call about getting an appointment THAT DAY.

“I have been using your weight loss niche landing page for over 3 years now and we consistently get patients calling our office, and as a result we are on track to collect over $1,8 million this year with this one niche alone.”

“I just got the new landing page (website) for chiropractic that you created and can’t wait to get new chiropractic patients from that landing page.”  Dr. Steve

As a smart doctor and marketing person, you want people to know that you are a credible, innovative doctor that has a deep knowledge of your specialty and niche, and when they know that, it helps build confidence in you as a doctor.

When someone gets on your landing page, and reads your FREE Report they’ll know right away whether or not you’re a good fit for them and their health issues.

If you want to move forward from this point forward and get all your marketing ducks in a row, you’ll want to automate your sales processes plus increase your reputation with an informative, action-oriented, simple, well-put-together persuasive landing page from Practice Wealth.

The nice thing is, everything is done for you. All you have to do is order it, and we’ll make sure that you’re well taken care of.

Whatever you do, take action and don’t wait. The longer you put this off, the more money you’re losing.

weightloss-demoI mean think about it.

What if you ordered three landing pages today.

Say one for weight loss, one for chiropractic, and one for neuropathy.

Do you think if you might start getting more phone calls very quickly?

Sure you would, and that’s why it’s so important that you get started in one niche like chiropractic, get it rolling, then branch out into however many niches you feel comfortable with.

Here’s where you can see the different Niche landing pages you want to use.

Click Here To See Landing Page Demos